Anonymous asked: “ have you ever tried to contact fubuki at all? ”

"Fubuki?" /He stared at the message for a while before rubbing his neck hesitatingly. While thinking of the best way to answer the question./ "It’s not that I haven’t tried, it’s more like I have no way to contact him anymore." /Lowering his eyes to the ground he couldn’t help but smile sadly at the thought of not being able to talk to him./ "So…"


disney movies

they look like dragons (without wings ~)

Day 11 - Wearing kigurumis
I had to google what a kigurumi was

by  留守番

Reaches Japan




Gouenji silently hung up the phone noticing his taller friend from a distance. “Is it because of my hair…?” He wondered to himself why his friend wouldn’t notice him from high school. Shrugging it off he walked up to Someoka’s back slapping it lightly with one hand. “Yo.” He’s gotten taller. Gouenji thought noting  small things about his past time friend while not being able to suppress the warm smile that was practically plastered on his face. 

Oi! /Looking at the phone he saw that the asshole had hung up on him. He raised his eyebrow in question although he was irritated maybe he had said something wrong. No way. Suddenly feeling a hand on his back made him jump. Looking behind him quickly to put his mind to ease was Gouenji himself. Oh, his hair./ Hey… /Someoka stared at him for a moment almost cautiously since he wasn’t used to seeing his hair down. He had seen it after his friend took showers at his house in high school but he usually styled it back up in no time./ New look /He pointed at his own hair to show what he was talking about before continuing his sentence with a tease./ or were you just too lazy to get it done before seeing an old friend?

Gouenji sighed at the remark on his hair style, he usually disliked having long hair that could easier get in his face but he had gotten lazy over the years. Having it flowing against the wind was also slightly… refreshing. Shaking his head in answer to Someoka’s attempt at a compliment, he slightly ran fingers though his bangs pulling them out of his face for only a moment. “Strange isn’t it?” He finally verbally replied tilting his head to one side almost curious to get a full positive response. 

/Someoka blushed when being asked something so bluntly. That’s how Gouenji was sometimes though./ I… guess? /His voice changed in question as his body naturally stiffened it’s shoulders under the sudden pressure he felt. He was never good at giving compliments, especially to friends or something the same sex as him. It just seemed kinda weird./ What do you want me to say? “It makes your eyes stand out.” !?/Someoka choked out not enjoying the stare his friend was giving him./